Australia is home to the quality whitewater park that hosted the 2004 Preworld Championships and the 2005 World Championships.  World Class Kayak Academy students Justin Patt, Rush Sturges, Hanna Farra, and Adam Johnson traveled to Penrith, Australia to test their fitness against the best in the world. 

The Penrith Whitewater Park is unique because it was one of the first locations to incorporate removable blocks to the artificial river bed allowing paddlers to modify the hole to create the best testing ground for the world's best paddlers.  In the 2004 Perworld Championships WCKA had Adam Johnson representing the school with an impressive 5th place finish in the Jr. Men's class.  During the World Championships in 2005, Justin Patt took home 10th place in a highly competitive class, Rush Sturges followed up his 2005 Jr. World Championship with by placing 21st in the Men's class, and Hanna Farrar ended up standing proudly on the winners podium holding the Bronze medal. 

Congrats to Justin, Hanna, Rush, and Adam on their achievements!

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