Austria is not a normal destination for World Class, but the country played host to the 2003 World Championships in a hole that quickly lived up to it's name as "The Terminator."  The week long event tolled up over 100 swims from both the world's best kayakers in a very pushy hole that forced competitors to be at the top of their game or they would be swimming back to shore. 

WCKA students Rush Sturges and Hanna Farrar, and teacher Andrew Holcombe put all of their training and competitive prowess to the test and came out with impressive finishes.  Hanna paddled well all competition finishing third overall in the junior women's class.  Andrew had similar success cartwheeling his way to the second place position on the podium.  Rush finished off the day with impressive rides laying down stylish big air to cruise on his way to the top of the podium as the Jr. World Champion!

Congrats Rush, Hanna, and Andrew! 



2003 World Championship Results - Graz, Austria

Men´s Class
1. Jay Kincaid USA
2. Andrew Holcomb USA
3. Steve Fisher RSA
4. Eric Jackson USA
5. Billy Harris CAN

Women's Class
1. Brooke Winger, USA
2. Deb´s Pinnager, GBR
3. Jutta Kaiser, GER
4. Fiona Jarvie, GBR
5. Polly Green, USA

Junior Men
1. Rush Sturges, USA
2. Pat Keller, USA
3. Richard Grimes, GBR
4. Peter Csonka, Chech.
5. Michael Quinif, USA

Junior Women
1. Katerina Midgauova Chech.
2. Ali Wade USA
3. Hanna Farrar USA
4. Lianne Wagtho NTH
5. Lena Schnoor GER


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